Planetary Sciences

Planetary Sciences

The study of celestial planets that orbit stars, with a concentration on our own solar system, is known as planetary science. This covers research into the origin and evolution of planets, their moons, and rings, as well as smaller bodies like asteroids and comets. Planetary scientists aim to increase our knowledge of the solar system's planets, satellites, and smaller entities. Researchers can learn about the origins and mechanics of our own planet by analyzing its atmospheres, surfaces, and interiors. Understanding the origins of planets, employing radar to establish the physical features of asteroids, and hunting for asteroids that may pose a threat to Earth are all examples of these studies. Laboratory research, as well as research from astronomical institutions around the world and from spacecraft and landers, is carried out. Planetary scientists are interested in finding answers to fundamental issues about the Solar System's expanded family of planets, moons, asteroids, and other entities.

  • Planetary Science
  • Observational Results
  • Theoretical Insights
  • Modeling
  • Laboratory Studies
  • Instrumentation
  • Field Studies
  • Solar System
  • Planetary Systems

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