Meteorology is the branch of science that studies the atmosphere and focuses on weather patterns and forecasts. Meteorological phenomena are observable weather events that the study of meteorology illuminates and explains. The variables that exist in the Earth's atmosphere bind these events. Temperature, pressure, water vapor, and the gradients and interactions of each variable, as well as how they change over time, are the variables in question. The troposphere is home to the majority of Earth's observed weather. Although meteorologists currently rely extensively on computer models (numerical weather prediction), approaches and conceptual models developed before computers were powerful enough to provide accurate or efficient predictions are still widely used. Meteorology is one of the most significant branches of atmospheric science, but most people are unaware of it. When we do, the first thing that comes to mind is its utility in weather forecasting. Despite this, it includes the entire atmosphere, including atmospheric physics and chemistry. The weather has always piqued humanity's curiosity (and necessity), but it now involves far more than forecasting weather patterns. The word meteorology is derived from the Greek words meteors, which means "high up," and logia, which means "study of." As a result, the word "astronomy" denotes "the study of things high in the sky."

  • Pure And Applied Meteorology
  • Climatology And Climate Change
  • Marine Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
  • Cloud Physics and Weather Modification
  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Data Assimilation
  • Atmospheric Sounding and Remote Sensing
  • Atmospheric Environment and Air Pollution
  • Radar And Satellite Meteorology
  • Agricultural And Forest Meteorology

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