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Geology 2022

Shozo Yanagida

Shozo Yanagida, Speaker at Geology Conference 2022
Osaka University, Japan
Title : Carbon dioxide is by no means the cause of climate change, and solar radio radiation causes climate change. Forecast / Verification by Quantum Chemistry Molecular Modeling


Atmospheric components hydrated carbon dioxide [CO2 (H2O)2], hydrated Argon [Ar(H2O)2], hydrated triplet Oxygen [3O2(H2O)2], hydrated Nitrogen [N2(H2O)2], and water vapor [fs(H2O)3] was analyzed based on the density functional theory. All of the associated molecules give comparable absorption spectra in the infrared and far-infrared regions. This means that carbon dioxide is by no means the cause of climate change. On the other hand, water in the liquid state [ts(H2O)3] and silicic acid (SiO2) were verified to give strong infrared and far-infrared spectra. Solar radio emission from solar flares includes strong far-infrared ray. This theory fact will verify that infrared energy, that is, thermal energy, is generated on the earth by solar radio emission. Solar flare occurrence will cause global climate change.


Shozo Yanagida (Emeritus Professor of Osaka University since 2004) is a pioneer of molecular-structured solar cells, and now stay at the forefront with regards to quantum chemsigtry molecular modeling of van der Waals force-alighned molecular aggregats. Now, he may be regarded as a molecular modeling chemist. Five years ago, he founded “M3 Laboratory Inc.” in Osaka Universit, ISIR. “M3” stands density-functional theory based mlecular modeling of materials

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