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Geology 2023

Shozo Yanagida

Shozo Yanagida, Speaker at Geology Conference 2022
Shozo Yanagida
Osaka University, Japan


In 2004, Shozo Yanagida retired as a professor of chemistry at the Graduate School of Osaka University and became a professor emeritus. Subsequently, Shozo Yanagida, as a specially appointed professor at the Center for Advanced Science and Innovation at Osaka University, studied molecular association structures of dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells using quantum chemical calculations based on density functional theory (DFT) called "molecular modelling (DFT/MM)” was used for theoretical verification. Subsequently, the association molecular structure of polar molecules such as water molecules was analyzed by DFT/MM, and it was verified that the obtained UV/Vis and IR/FIR~radio wave energy absorption spectra agreed well with the measured values.