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Geology 2022

Debashish Sengupta

Debashish Sengupta, Speaker at Geology Conferences 2022
Debashish Sengupta
Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur, India


Dr. Debashish Sengupta is currently Professor (H.A.G) at the Department of Geology and Geophysics in Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. After completing the PhD in Physical Research laboratory, Ahmedabad, he joined in the department as faculty member in 1990. He has been involved in various research applications of nuclear geophysics, geochemistry, Environmental Science, Radiation detection, Radiation dosimetry in earth science more than thirty years. He has associated with various international research groups from University of Rome Tre, Italy and USGS. He has received awards for his extensive contribution by  national as well as international agencies. He has published more than 140 research articles and 30 book chapters.