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Geology 2023

Ravi Kikar Sinha

 Ravi Kikar Sinha, Speaker at A theory of great utility in earth science and space explorations
Private Indian Reporter, India
Title : A theory of great utility in earth science and space explorations


If two points are equidistant from a third point (their origin/precursor/ source) then, whatever variance and hence standard deviation exists for the two points for a given trait, is also a reasonably good estimate of variance/standard deviation at the third (their origin/precursor/source) thus, by looking at the site, we get the parameters of the source.

Variance and standard deviation can be estimated from the theory of least square. This theory is of great utility, when the source is at a considerable distant and is beyond reach.

It can also be used in the laboratory, to find out the internal composition of a specimen, by just looking at the characteristic on the surface using this formula

Audience Take Away:

  • Characteristics of sun, other stars, galaxies etc. by analyzing radioastronomical, and computer assisted spectrophotometric and other data.
  • Geology: it can help in mining and petroleum explorations by finding exact locations where petroleum and other minerals are present.
  • It can be used as finding mood of volcanoes and earthquakes (early warning systems.


The author is a member of the American association for the advancement of science, Washington, DC, USA. He has 10 copyrights on topics of sciences from the Canadian copyright office, Quebec, Canada. He is a private Indian researcher.

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