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Geology 2022

Naser Golsanami

Naser Golsanami, Speaker at Geology Conference 2022
Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Title : Investigating the impact of clay minerals on the fluid flow of sandstone hydrocarbon reservoirs based on LBM simulation and SEM imaging


The presence of clays in hydrocarbon reservoirs challenges the producible amount of oil and gas significantly. Therefore, this study reports a detailed quantitative characterization of clays’ specific properties from two fundamental aspects which include clays’ type and amount, and their impact on reservoir’s fluid flow. We used Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images and respectively adopted deep learning for typing and quantifying clays, and the Lattice-Boltzmann Method (LBM) for flow simulations with and without the presence of clays. The trained deep learning model of the present study was translated into a MATLAB application that is a convenient tool for clay characterization by the future user. This model was trained using 2160 images of different clay minerals based on transfer learning using AlexNet and resulted in more than 95.4% accuracy while applied on the unforeseen images. Moreover, we established the technique of depth-slicing of 2D SEM images, which provides the possibility of 3D processing of the routine SEM images. The results from this technique proved that clays could reduce reservoir porosity and permeability by more than 30% and 400 mD, respectively. The introduced approach of the present study provides new insights into the detailed impacts of clay minerals on the reservoir’s quality.


Naser Golsanami is an associate professor in the College of Energy and Mining Engineering of Shandong University of Science and Technology. Naser received his Ph.D. from China University of Petroleum (East China) (UPC) in July 2018. He is the establisher of the “Scientific Research and Publication Center” of UPC. Naser is the winner of the “Talented Young Scientists Program” of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China. He has taken an active role in Geological and Petroleum Engineering projects funded by both governmental and private sectors of the industry, for which the total founding reaches up to $0.5M.

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