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Geology 2022

Khalid S Essa

Khalid S Essa, Speaker at Geology Conferences
Cairo University, Egypt
Title : Global particle swarm optimization method for gravity data interpretation


Gravity data measured along a profile for a 2D fault-like geologic structure were interpreted to calculate the fault parameters (upthrown depth, downthrown depth, amplitude coefficient, fault angle, and location of the fault trace) applying the particle swarm method. Faults have prime-concerns for solving many problem-related engineering and environmental applications, describing the accompanying mineralized or ore zones with faults, describing geological deformation events, monitoring active shear zones in the subsurface, delineating the hazards of faulting before any investment planning, and visualizing subsurface faults for more scientific investigations. The proposed method is done through the following steps: First, it utilizes the residual moving average anomalies that estimated from the Bouguer gravity anomalies by using several window lengths. Second, each residual anomaly is interpreted using the particle swarm. Third, calculate the average value for all interpreted anomalies. Fourth, the average values for the fault parameters are utilized to build the forward gravity model that compared with the true-ones. The efficiency of this method has been studied by applying it to a synthetic and a field data from France. It was found that the obtained results are in good agreement with the previously published studies.


Dr. Essa joined Geophysics Department staff at Cairo University after graduated in 1997. He received his Ph.D. in Geophysics in 2004 and was appointed a research Professor of potential field methods in 2014. He has affiliated to several post-doctoral visits and conferences to France, Czech, Australia, and USA. Also, he is a member of the Petroleum and Mineral Resources Research Council and a member of the member of the National committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt. He has given Award of the Prof. Nasry Matari Shokry and Award of Cairo University for Scientific Excellence in Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary and Future Sciences in 2017.

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