Geology 2022

Zainab Naeem

Zainab Naeem, Speaker at Geology Congress
Fatima Jinnah Women University, Pakistan
Title : Correlation of earthquake precursors with soil physico-chemical parameters


The presentation will focus upon the soil gas radon and soil electrical conductivity as the earthquake precursors. The correlation between these two precursors will be discussed. Furthermore, how these precursors react to the air temperature difference will also be highlighted. Moreover, it will be discussed how other physico-chemical parameters of soil affect the activity of these two precursors. The study will focus on the main boundary thrust fault zone are of Pakistan which is one of the most complex and seismically active thrust fault system in the world. Technical aspects of methodologies will also be discussed. The presentation will focus on how these precursors can help in reducing the loss and damage that occurs due to the earthquakes in Pakistan and any other country where it could be replicated. Moreover, Sendai Framework for disaster risk resilience will be discussed as a strategy to improve preparedness in earthquake active zones.


Zainab Naeem is a Ph.D. Scholar in Environmental Sciences at Fatima Jinnah Women University and is working on seismic hazard risk assessment as part of her Ph.D. Project. Moreover, she is also working as a research associate at Sustainable Development Policy Institute in Pakistan.

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