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Geology 2022

Recep Celik

Recep Celik, Speaker at Geology Conference 2022
Dicle University, Turkey
Title : Assignation of groundwater vulnerability by GIS based DRASTIC method, a case study; determination of Diyarbakir’s Basalts aquifer pollution risk in Turkey


There are various causes for their being polluted aquifer over time, such as agricultural activities and the rapid growth of population, more industrial and domestic sewer water are discharged in shallow aquifers causing serious groundwater contamination. Therefore, in places where groundwater is used as an alternative source, regular monitoring of groundwater quality and determination of its contamination, especially in shallow aquifers, are required. Preparing aquifer vulnerability maps with references to taking measures may be among the primary issue.

Aquifer vulnerability maps represent both the prominent sources of drinking water and the potential for pollution arise from agricultural, industrial and other human activities. These properties made the aquifer vulnerability contamination maps claimed to be used in analyses of aquifers. The DRASTIC model can be used to prevent further contamination in sensitive areas. For this purpose, it is applied a GIS-based DRASTIC model on a basalt aquifer and aimed to detect pollution by groundwater mapping in the Diyarbak?r basin. This study demonstrates that 52 % of the basalt aquifer of Diyarbak?r basin has a senior grade of pollution risk. This area additionally remains the prominent place where the residential areas and industrialized districts are intense. It also 28% part of the study area has rated as "medium" vulnerability and these points show that it was receptive to contamination. The only 20% of the distinct region has low-risk pollution vulnerability.


Dr ÇELİK studied Civil Engineer Dpt. At the Dicle University, Turkey and graduated as MS in 1995 İstanbul Technical University graduated as Engineer in 1999, and in 2000 Master degree at the same university.  Then he received PhD degree from Fırat University at Civil Engineering Hydrology department. He is Associate Professor at the Dicle University civil engineering Water Resources and Hydraulic department in Turkey. He has published more than 20 research articles in İnternational journals

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