Geology 2022

Khaled Said Gemail

Khaled Said Gemail, Speaker at Geology Conferences 2022
Khaled Said Gemail
Zagazig University, Egypt


Dr. Khaled Said Gemail studied Environmental Geophysics and Hydro-geophysical modeling at Zagazig University, Egypt, and TU Freiberg, Germany, and graduated with a Ph.D. in 2003. He has rewarded with a two years’ postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Geosciences at Saskatchewan University, Canada, and then he returned back to his home university at Zagazig as a full-time professor in Environmental Geophysics. During his time at Zagazig University, he established a research group and Environmental Geophysics Lab (ZEGL) in accordance with ISO 17025 accreditation standers. He has rewarded several research projects funded by STDF, HEEP, and ARST and published more than 40 research articles in the field of natural resources assessment and management. In 2022, Dr. Gemail and his research team at Environmental Geophysics Research Center, Zagazig University, Egypt rewarded a research project funded by STDF (ID-46209 Applied Science) for constructing a roadmap for sustainable groundwater resources in the Nile Delta using integrated approaches under the impact of climate change and wastewater pollution.