Geology 2022

Aida H Baghanam

Aida H Baghanam, Speaker at Geology Conference 2022
Aida H Baghanam
University of Tabriz, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Dr. Aida H. Baghanam started to serve as an assistant professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Tabriz, Iran, since August 2019. She gained invaluable experience in computer modeling, atmospheric science, soil physics, hydrology, and solute transport in the subsurface as well as various other numerical modeling techniques during her academic life. During recent years she focused on the impact of climate change on the water resources, where she delved into applying Artificial Intelligence models to improve the performance of climate change impact models. She went over on various bias correction and predictor screening models to enhance precipitation and temperature downscaling models’ precision. She published over 20 refereed journal papers since 2012, as well as 6 book chapters and several conference papers. Her citation indices in Google Scholar are H-index of 130 and i-index of 15 and total citations of 1181.