Embark on a journey of geological exploration at the "3rd Global of Conference on Geology and Earth Science" (Geology 2025), happening in Rome, Italy on June 12-14, 2025. This important event will focus on the theme "Exploring Earth's Dynamic Interactions: From Core to Cosmos",bringing together experts, scholars, and industry leaders passionate about the Earth sciences.

Geology 2025 serves as a nexus for researchers, educators, policymakers, and industry professionals, fostering an exchange of ideas and innovations across various disciplines within Earth sciences.

The conference will explore a broad spectrum of topics, including new technologies like AI in geoscience, ecological complexities, and the interconnectedness of biodiversity with geology. Explore economic geology, uncover secrets of our planet, and discuss strategies for dealing with natural disasters. 

Expect engaging talks, hands-on workshops, and discussions that highlight cutting-edge research and technology. From studying sediments and landforms to understanding earthquakes and volcanic activity, Geology 2025 aims to foster discovery and collaboration. 

Join us either in person in Rome, Italy or virtually for Geology 2025. Connect with global experts, build partnerships, and work towards a sustainable future for our planet. Together, let's uncover the stories hidden in Earth's history.

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