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Geology 2023

Alexander Strom

Alexander Strom, Speaker at Geology Conferences 2023
Alexander Strom
Chief Expert from Geodynamics Research Centre, Russian Federation


Graduated from the Geological department of Moscow State University in 1975. Got PhD in 1999 in the Institute of Physics of Earth and Dr. habil. in Moscow State University in 2022.

Chief expert of the Geodynamics Research Center – branch of JSC "Hydroproject Institute", Moscow, Russia; Deputy head of seismic hazard assessment department, Russian Geotechnical Institute LLC, Visiting professor in SKLGP, Chengdu, China.

Member of Russian group of the IAEG and of the JTC1; Associate Editor of "Landslides"; Member of the Editorial board of the “Geoenvironmental Disasters” and “Georisk” Journals.

Studied large rockslides and performed field paleoseismological and seismotectonic investigations in the Tien Shan, Pamirs, Garhwal Himalayas, Great Caucasus, Western and Eastern Sayan mountains, Far East of Russia, Sakhalin, Mongolia and Northern Sudan. Translated in Russian the second edition of "Paleoseismology" and organized its publication in Russia. Worked as a deputy Chief editor of Seismic zoning map of Russia.

Collected the world-wide data base on seismic surface ruptures and studied hazards associated with active fault that cross trunk pipelines in Sakhalin and in Eastern Siberia.

Performed detail studies of morphological and structural features typical of rock slides and rock avalanches in the Central Asia region, Caucasus and other mountainous regions. Since 2006 have organized annual field training course on Rockslides and related phenomena in Kyrgyzstan. Compiled the database of large-scale rockslides in the Central Asia region and wrote a book “Rockslides and rock avalanches of Central Asia” published by Elsevier in 2018. Published more than 150 papers and book chapters in Russian and International journals and books. Participated in compilation od several standards and construction codes in Russia.